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Statistics Deliver Ominous Warning

CroatiaAlthough promises of better living standards were made before Croatia joined the European Union, statistics are not painting a pretty picture with a massive 900,000 citizens now living below the bread line…

Croatia currently is the fifth poorest nation per capita in the EU – only behind Greece, Romania, Spain and Bulgaria. A concerning statistic is that 900,000 residents now live below the poverty line in Croatia, which is considered to be an annual income of 24,000 kuna (3,100 EUR) for a single-member household, and 50,000 kuna (6,300 EUR) for a four-member household (2 children). With average salaries in Croatia up to four times less than in other European countries, Croats are struggling to get by as supermarket prices and cost of living steadily increases.

Second-hand clothing stores and flea markets have never been as busy as they have now with unemployment hitting record highs this month. 380,000 people, in a population of around 4 million, are now out of a job in Croatia.

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