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Startups Aim For 10k And Mentoring At Shift Challenge In Split

32 startup companies have been selected out of 130 companies from 26 countries to battle it out for 10,000 USD at the Shift Challenge Conference to be held in Split, Croatia on 23-34 May.

Along with 10,000 USD prize money and a host of sponsors products, the winners of the Shift Challenge will have their projects presented to global investors, journalists and business people. The top 32 startups who will battle it out in Split are:
Field pod (Croatia) – http://www.fieldpod.net/
Social Paragraph (Germany) – http://www.universiteam.com/
Analythink (Turkey) – http://www.prisync.com/
Starbox (Portugal)
Freelance Pro (Ghana) – http://www.freelancepro.me/
Vidzor (Hungary) – http://vidzor.com/
16Tags (Germany)
Zoomsquare (Austria) – http://www.zoomsquare.com/
Monitor Backlinks (Ireland)
Skiipi (Bulgaria)
Sportly (Austria)
Pubsonic (Serbia) – http://pubsonic.com/
Use Together (Romania) – http://www.usetogether.com/
Puzzled By (Romania)
REMIXER (Croatia) – http://remixer.me/
Baby Watch (Croatia)
Appoitment Labs (Croatia) – http://www.appointmentlabs.com/
Party (Croatia) – http://www.clover-studio.com/
Sizem (Croatia)
Klikeri (Croatia) – http://klikeri.hr/
Backway (Croatia)
Taggium (BiH) – http://www.taggium.com/
Amplio (Croatia) – http://amplio.si/
Ponude i Racuni (Croatia)
Mingle (Croatia) – http://www.mingle-events.com/
Manage HR (Croatia)
Life Patch System (USA)
LegalTie (Croatia)
AuThink (Croatia)
Cropta (Croatia)
cQuest (Croatia)
BeaverCleaner (Croatia)

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