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Stari Grad on Croatian Island of Hvar Celebrating 2,400th Anniversary

Stari Grad (press)

Stari Grad (press)

This year, the small town of Stari Grad on the Croatian island of Hvar marks an exceptional anniversary – its 2,400th anniversary of its foundation…

The heritage of Stari Grad has been preserved since the Age of Antiquity and has been recognized by UNESCO which in 2008 inscribed the Stari Grad Plain on the World Heritage List due to its preserved Greek land division and the continuity of life and agriculture in this place.

The city was founded on the western part of the plain by the Greeks who sailed from the island of Paros in 384 B. C. and who found a perfect place for a new life at the end of the long bay, with a fertile field and springs of drinking water lying behind it. They defeated the Illyrians who had already lived there and built the city of Pharos, both politically and it terms of city planning, divided the land of the fertile plain – Chora Pharou – made their money and started the first urban life on the territory of today’s Croatia, which has been continuously going on until the present day.


It is throughout the anniversary year that this Aristotle’s peer is going to celebrate its jubilee birthday through numerous events and take the opportunity to present its wealth and 2,400 year-long tradition to the world.

Whilst the entire year has been dedicated to this anniversary, the main celebrations will be held in the summer with the sea & seamen festival Dani u vali (Days in the Bay), an anniversary-related symposium, lectures, workshops, food festivals, concerts, biking events, and exhibitions.


To check out all events taking place you can visit the official website here.

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