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Starbucks confirms they will not be opening in Croatia


25 February 2019 – Reports last week which surfaced that American coffee chain Starbucks would be opening in the Croatian capital have been refuted by the chain. 

According to media reports, the first Starbucks in Croatia was set to open at the Centar Cvjetni shopping centre in downtown Zagreb in the three-level space which is to be vacated by the restaurant My Way next week.  

“At the moment we are not able to confirm or reject the possibility of that, or any other tenant for that mentioned space.” Supernova Group spokesperson Blažena Lokin told Novac.hr. last week.

Lokin added that Supernova, who own the centre, was currently negotiating with a number of large foreign gastro brands and their desire for Croatia is to ‘bring something which is not here, something different’.

However, it seems now that the tenant will definitely not be Starbucks and that the American chain will not be opening anytime soon in Croatia. 

Starbucks office for Europe, the Middle East and Africa have confirmed for dnevnik.hr that they will not be opening in the Centar Cvjetni shopping centre. 

“Currently, we have no plans to open a Starbucks in Croatia,” the company said.

This was not the first time there has been talk of Starbucks arriving in Croatia. Back in 2010, a Starbucks store was set to open at Arena Center in Zagreb.  


Starbucks operates in 76 countries around the world with close to 30,000 stores. In 2018, Starbucks opened their first store in Italy.


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