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Spring-esque Winter Killing Bees in Croatia

CroatiaYesterday Croatia Week reported how spring-esque winter  was causing havoc for pršut producers trying to dry their hams, now it seems that the warm weather is taking its toll on the bees too..

“The situation is bad. Beekeepers have been calling us from Istria, Međimurje, Podravina, Korčula … All have reported death of their bees” worried agronomy Professor Nikola Kezić told daily 24sata, adding that the cause of these deaths were due to the abnormally high temperatures.

The problem with the warm temperatures is that the bees think it’s spring, so instead of resting, they are coming out of their hives.

“Outside of the hives the bees do not find food, and in the hives they consume supplies,” explains Professor Kezić.

High temperatures are lethal to bees and are the foundation for the development of many diseases. Beekeepers around the country fear a repeat of the winter four years ago, when 20 percent of beneficial insects were lost.

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