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Split Women Leaves Apartment For The Kids Of Vukovar

The nephews and nieces of a women from the Dalmatian city of Split have fulfilled the last wishes of their deceased Aunty when they sold her apartment and donated the proceedings to build a kindergarten in the eastern Croatian town of Vukovar.

Ljeposava Vojnovic passed away aged 83 in 2010 and in her will she left instructions that the money from the sale of her apartment would go to the kids in Vukovar. Her apartment was recently sold for 115,000 euros and the money has gone to construction a new kindergarten in the war ravaged city.

“We are so proud for what she wished for and that we have managed to fulfil her wishes in the best way,” said nephew Tomislav, before adding.

‘My Aunty did not have any connection to Vukovar. We think that she was just very effected by what went on there during the war. She definitely saw the horrors on television,”

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