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South Korean on Unique 100-Day World Singing Trip Sings in Split



South Korean Song Jaemin has just completed the Croatian leg of his 100-day ‘singing trip’ of the world…

Jaemin learned 24 songs from 17 countries and is making his way around those countires to sing the song in the country of its origin. He arrived in Split, Croatia last week and with the help of Klapa Vestibul, belted out ‘Cesarica’, one of the most famous Croatian hits of all time song by Oliver Dragojević.

“I sing “Cesarica” with professional klapa from Split!!! Can you believe this? I learned 24 songs from 17 countries and finally I sing with real artist. It’s also coming accidentally. My friend and I planned to sing in that place, named “Vestibul”. But we found one Klapa (The typical a cappella genre of Dalmacija) team already made performance in there. At first, they don’t understand what I want to do…but when I practice it in front of them, They loved it a lot and made an instant harmony for me,” Song describes on his YouTube channel.

“We made this video without any practice, can you believe it??! This is very special, because the singer of this song is come from this area! At the moment, I felt like being Dalmatians. After singing, they gave me their CD for gift and 1 can of pivo (beer). It was awesome experience! The BEST VIDEO I EVER MADE. NEVER, NEVER FORGET IT…I feel this is a gift of my 100 days travel. Hvala!! vidimo ce! -with Klapa Vestibul,” the excited South Korean concluded.

The countries and songs on his 100-day trip.

Norway : “En solskinnsdag”
Finland : “Kolme Cowboyta” “Maailman Toisella Puolen”
Sweden : “Somliga går med trasiga skor” “sa skimrande var aldrig havet”
Morocco : ” مال حبيبي مالو (Mal Hibibi Malou)”
Germany : “99 luftballons”
Austria : “Und jetzt gang i ans Peters Brünnele” “Brenna tuats guat”
U.S.A : “Country road”
Brazil : “Ai se eu te pego”
Spain : “Eres tu”, “Libre”, “La copa da la vida”
Portugal : “Anel de Rubi”
French : “La bien rose”
Switzerland : “Schwan”
England : “Let it be”
Italy : “O sole mio”, “Azzurro”
Slovenia : “Siva pot”, “Ti moja Rozica” “Zdravljica”
Moldova : “Ce frumuseţi priveste-n jurul tau”
Croatia : “Cesarica”


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