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Solar-powered electric boat ‘solarCat’ presented on Zagreb’s Lake Jarun

solarCat on Zagreb’s Lake Jarun (Photo credit: Ured PRH)

ZAGREB, 13 JUNE 2020 – The President of Croatia Zoran Milanović has participated in the presentation and promotional ride of the solar-powered electric boat “solarCat” on Zagreb’s Lake Jarun on Saturday. 

Representatives of the company ICat, which is the manufacturer of the boat, presented “solarCat” as an example of a sustainable and environmentally friendly mode of transport that is already used in Croatia for tourism purposes.

solarCat is an electric passenger catamaran with an integrated solar power plant and therefore its navigation is self-sustainable. It receives all the necessary energy from its own sources and thus represents a significant technological breakthrough from conventional vessels.

(Photo credit: Ured PRH)

In addition to passenger transport, solarCat is also intended for various social activities such as educational and sports workshops, business meetings, gastro-oenological presentations, multimedia events, school trips, tourist tours, and various other events.

(Photo credit: Ured PRH)

After a short promotional ride on the electric boat on Lake Jarun, President Milanović said it would be good if the state helped more to encourage the production of such boats. 

“There are a lot of funds for such projects in Europe. This is actually a way of thinking and acting. This is our product that is already sailing and is being sold,“ said President Milanović.

(Photo credit: Ured PRH)

The production of the solar-powered electric boat is in line with the European Green Plan, which aims, among other things, to reduce environmental pollution, invest in research and innovation, and invest in green technologies. In addition to President Milanović, a special advisor to the President of the Republic for energy and climate, Julija Domac, was present at the promotion of the boat.

(Photo credit: Ured PRH)

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