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Šokol Fest in Nin – A Unique Gastronomic Event



Every July a unique gastronomic event and contest is held in the town of Nin, situated near Zadar on the Dalmatian coast…

Šokolijada (Šokol fest), which is listed among the 100 most important manifestations in Croatia, is held on the third weekend of July every year.

Šokol is a dry – cured meat product made of pork neck meat. It must be kept in very clean sea salt for three to seven days, after that it is put into cooked red wine and then various spices (pepper, cloves, nutmeg) are added around it. The meat is placed inside of a specially prepared casing and smoked for a few days. After that it is dried by the northern Bura wind, which is the main factor for drying the meat.

An entertainment programme accompanies the festival

An entertainment programme accompanies the festival

Šokolijada has been organised by the Tourist Board of the city of Nin since 2003, with the main goal to promote the unique gastronomic product which has been produced in Nin from ancient times, and to preserve the gastronomic tradition.

Šokolijada is an international ethnic and gastronomic event which also hosts an exhibitors fair. The manifestation starts at the beginning of the year, in January, when hard working Šokol producers prepare this unique delicacy according to the recipe from each family, and ends in July when a winner is chosen. A full entertainment programme accompanies the main event where the best Šokol maker is declared. For the winner there is a certain prestige in winning at Šokolijada. Competition is very interesting and its a tasty festival for tourists.

Some serious tasting going on

Some serious tasting going on

The end of Šokolijada this year will be celebrated with a ethno – gastronomic tourist fest on 18 and 19 July with an ethno music programme and degustation of this unique delicacy.

(photos / Tourist Board of Nin)

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