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Slovenia Looking For Pedophile Hiding In Croatia

A convicted pedophile, who was sentenced back in 2003 for the rape and sexual violation of his stepdaughter, is currently in hiding in northern Croatia.

The man has for the last six years been in hiding in the village of Struga near Ludbreg, escaping his jail sentence. Portal eVarazdin says that Slovenia have sent Croatia an extradition order for the man, who is a Croatian citizen, to serve his time in jail in Slovenia.

Slovenian authorities this year sent an extradition request to Croatia. Since 30 April 2012, when the request was before the District Court in Varazdin, there has been no action taken by Croatian authorities.

The 58-year-old was sentenced to 11 years jail in 2003, but escaped to Croatia before the decision was finalised with his wife and has been a free man since.

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