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Skywalk Poljud: New tourist attraction in Split

(Photo: Skywalk Poljud)

SPLIT, 29 July 2020 – A new tourist attraction for adrenalin junkies has opened in the Croatian city of Split. Skywalk Poljud gives people the chance to check out Split’s famous Poljud stadium from a perspective not available to the public before. 

Skywalk Poljud is a unique experience strolling over the rooftop of Poljud Stadium, home to football club Hajduk Split, whilst being harnessed in. After checking out the stadium, and views it provides from above, there is a 70 m rope swing over the football pitch.

The rooftop tour is intended fun for the whole family and the rope swing is for those brave enough to step over the edge. 

The first tour took place last week with tours in the late afternoon giving visitors the added bonus of seeing stunning sunsets. Tours last one and a half hours. 

(Photo: Skywalk Poljud)

The tours are organised by climbing instructor Slaven Vručinić, who is a member of the mountaineering association Mosor and an accredited adventure tourism guide.

“There is no danger, staticians and other experts have done their thing, users are ‘double’ insured, and groups (maximum of eight people), are accompanied by two licensed guides. Poljud is an architectural marvel, the roof structure is made without supporting pillars, and when you find yourself on the roof you feel like you are flying over the stadium,” he said. 

(Photo: Skywalk Poljud)

Poljud Stadium is located just outside the city centre and can be reached by car, Uber, public transport or even on foot in less than 20 minutes. 

Price: 490 HRK (65 €) + family discount – insurance included

Promo price until 01.08.2020.

250 HRK + children under 14 for free

Tours leave every day at 9:00 and 18:00, which can vary depending on a schedule of the Hajduk Split matches and training sessions. 

More details on the website. 

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