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Skype Founder in Croatia with New Business

Johan Gorecki, one of the founders of Skype, the popular service that allows free phone calls, and who in 2005 sold out to E-bay for 4.1 billion USD, is currently in Croatia with his latest project, reports Croatian radiotelevision.

Gorecki now owns the company Globe Forum, which helps entrepreneurs and innovators around the world, and the business has arrived in Croatia. If there is enough interest here, Gorecki will open a representative office for South Eastern Europe in Croatia.

“Globe Forum is a global platform for entrepreneurs, where they meet with multinational companies. We are working to help them promote and sell their products and to be in touch with businesses, and not just find them the capital to grow,” said Gorecki, adding that Croatia is an attractive market for Globe Forum as it is a developing market, especially in terms of infrastructure, issues and challenges in the energy sector, water challenges, and waste management issues.

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