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Sisters Meet Again After 72 Years Thanks To Facebook

Two sisters in their 80’s have met for the first time in 72 years after being separated during World War II, thanks to the social network Facebook.

Tanija Delic (88) and Hedija Talic (82) were born in Bosnia and spent their early childhood there, but in the summer of 1941 during World War II, their father Bego Budimlic escaped to Dvor in Croatia. Younger sister Hedija, who was aged 10 at the time, got lost and ended up in a welfare home in Banja Luka. After the war she left the home and ended up in Tuzla, where she eventually got married and had four kids.

During the last 72 years the sisters had no idea where each other was and had no contact at all until Hedija’s oldest son become curious of his family background. Thanks to Facebook he found Tanija’s daughter Sofija which eventually led to the sisters being reunited, reports Nezavisne novine.

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