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Singer Jasmin Stavros dies aged 68 

Singer Jasmin Stavros has passed away on Wednesday night in the Croatian capital Zagreb at the age of 68.

Stavros, who had been battling bone cancer, passed away around 9 pm last night, his manger Ljubo Šeperić told 24.sata.

In March of this year, the singer went to the hospital due to severe back pain and was then diagnosed with a serious illness.

The singer’s serious illness came as a surprise to the public in Croatia. Stavros lived in the countryside, in peace and harmony with nature, and was known for his healthy lifestyle, moderate diet, and sports activities. 

At the beginning of April, he was transferred from Vinogradska hospital to KBC Rebro in Zagreb.

Jasmin Stavros, born in Split as Milo Vasić, started his illustrious career at the young age of 15 and began recording albums in the late 80s. 

Up until then, he was known as Milo, until Rajko Dujmić gave him his artistic name, Jasmin Stavros.

He was known for songs such as “Umoran sam”, “Kad se prijatelji rastaju”, “Nemoj se udavati,” and “Dao bih sto Amerika”, which is one of his most beloved songs, reflecting his time spent in the United States before returning to Croatia just before the country’s independence. 

The song climbed to number two on the local charts.

On Thursday, Croatia Records uploaded a tribute to Stavros on their YouTube channel. You can watch below. 

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