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Sightseeing Zagreb on the Run

Run Zagreb (photo: Run Zagreb)

Run Zagreb (photo: Run Zagreb)

A group of young fitness enthusiasts in the Croatian capital Zagreb have launched an active way to explore the city…

Run Zagreb are offering tourists running, jogging and walking tours of the city. Although running tours are already a popular concept in other cities around the world, it is something new for Croatia’s capital.

There are a variety of different tours that Run Zagreb are offering, including the ‘must-see’ 6 km tour to get to know Upper and Lower Town, passing all the mayor attractions in the city center as well as run through the beautiful parks in the center of Zagreb and the 12 km Grand Tour.

Actively see the sights in the capital - St. Mark's square (Sandra Tralić)

Actively see the sights in the capital – St. Mark’s square (Sandra Tralić)

There is also a Green Route tour, which takes visitors on a 10 km run through Zagreb parks and hidden underground tunnels, a 16 km River Sava trail and a 1000 stairs adventure. After the tours visitors can get changed and take a rest at one of the many cafes in the city or just chill out as they please.

(photo credit: Run Zagreb)

(photo credit: Run Zagreb)

Run Zagreb not only offer active tours of Zagreb, but also do running tours of Croatia. For more information visit the Run Zagreb website here.

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