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Šibenik School Becomes First in Croatia to Introduce Uniforms

(photo / illustration - wikimedia)

(photo / illustration – wikimedia)

A primary school in the Dalmatian town of Šibenik has become the first school in Croatia to introduce a school uniform…

550 primary school kids at the Juraj Dalmatinac school in Šibenik will from the start of the new school year this month be wearing a school uniform. It will be the first time that a Croatian school has introduced school uniforms. At least one private English school in Zagreb already has a uniform policy, and two years ago a school in Osijek introduced a uniform for just one grade. The idea behind the decision was to reduce discrimination among students and strengthen the identification of students at the school.

In the first half of the year the kids will all wear the same polo shirts with the schools crest on, whilst in the second half of the year the kids will move to wearing the same pants as well. The shirts will cost parents around 12 euros.

“The reaction from the parents so far has generally been positive. We all believe that this small step will contribute to greater unity and improved belonging to the school, but also will reduce social disparities among children. Some may say, ‘But the children will again have different pants, shoes, better or worse mobile phones’, but the important thing is to start somewhere,” Natko Duvnjak, the school’s Principle told ŠibenikIn.

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