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Sex Chat, Tarot Reading & Astrology Business Booming

SCWhilst a large number of businesses operating in Croatia continue to make staff cuts and battle each quarter to make ends meet, there is one sector where business is booming. Local companies offering such services as tarot reading and telephone sex chat, are turning over millions…

Companies offering telephone services with added services such as contact centres, surveys, quizzes, competition, destiny reading, betting advice, horoscopes, and sex chat have enjoyed impressive double-digit growth over the last couple of years. One of the leaders in the industry is Zagreb firm IT Jedan, who according to Tportal, had revenues in 2013 of a massive 75 million kuna (10 million euros), with a net profit of 14.64 million kuna (2 million euros). IT Jedan, who have around 10 full-time staff members, enjoyed annual net profit growth of 35%.

The second biggest company in the sector is Maratela, who grew revenues by over 30% in 2013 to 16.1 million kuna (2.3 million euros). Maratela mainly advertise their sex chat and tarot reading services in the nation’s leading newspaper (24sata).

Newspaper adverts generate the bulk of revenue

Newspaper adverts generate the bulk of revenue

Tportal says there are another 5-6 firms who are doing very well in the industry, whilst about a dozen firms are operating to try to get a slice of the pie. One of those firms is Magu Mundi, who grew revenues by 140% in 2013 and net profit by 549%.

The sector is not a new one or restricted to just telecommunications, with a number of television stations running late night Tarot reading shows for a number of years now in Croatia.

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