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Safest Towns in Croatia Revealed

CroatiaOn both a European and world level Croatia is considered to be a very safe country, enjoying low crime rates and generally safe streets and parks, but which towns are statistically safer than others in the country?

According to a report by Vecernji list of police data for 28 towns with a population over 20,000, the town of Sinj (pic above), located in the continental part of the Split-Dalmatia County, is statistically the safest town in Croatia. Murders, attempted murders, rapes, robberies, thefts, and drug offences over the past 16 years from 1998 – 2013 were recorded for the report.

The town of Đakovo recorded the fewest thefts (312), whilst the town of Velika Gorica have not seen a murder since 2005 or a rape since 2010 and is the safest town with a population over 50,000 in Croatia. Koprivnica has had the least rapes, just 2 and 1 attempted rape in the last 16 years and none since 2009, the same as the towns of Virovitica and Kutina. The capital Zagreb had the most robberies, and Šibenik, Čakovec, Velika Gorica, Zaprešić, Sinj, Dubrovnik the fewest murders (0).

Lowest rate of offences per head of population

1. Čakovec / Velika Gorica / Šibenik / Sinj
2. Dubrovnik / Zaprešić
3. Kaštela
26. Sisak
28. Križevci

1. Sinj
2. Virovitica
3. Križevci
4. Dubrovnik
26. Vinkovci
27. Split
28. Zagreb

2. Virovitica
3. Koprivnica
26. Sisak
27. Čakovec
28. Osijek

Drug Offences
1. Samobor
2. Zaprešić
3. Petrinja
26. Dubrovnik
27. Pula
28. Križevci

1. Đakovo
2. Požega
3. Sinj
26. Čakovec
27. Zadar
28. Pula

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