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Safely Leave Your Things at the Depot in Zagreb

DEPOT‘Everything except husbands and wives, and pets we will look after,” joke Zagreb entrepeneurs Filip and Martin Šibl, who have recently opened a place in the centre of the capital where you can leave what you want…

Initially The Depot opened as a place where one could safely leave their bikes in town without the fear of them being stolen. The brothers have taken over the business and expanded services. Apart from bikes, The Depot will look after almost anything and everything. Depot is useful for both tourists and locals.

Besides a place to keep your luggage at the bus and train station, tourists have limited options in town. Tourists also can use facilities at The Depot to get changed.

“We wanted to provide a service that is useful for tourists,” the brothers said.

“Zagreb locals are currently on the coast on holiday, so we expect the season to start in autumn. Now we are busy with tourists leaving their valuables here. We look after things from just a few hours up to a few weeks,” says Martin, adding that locals will leave them shopping at The Depot whilst they continued their day around town.

The Depot, considering their large tourist clientele, also rent out bikes and plan to eventually start selling souvenirs also. The Depot is located at Obrtnicki prolaz 1 just a few metres away from the main square. Check out their website here.

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