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Russians Will Need Visa To Enter Croatia From Next Year

Political consultations have been held in Moscow ahead of the change in law that will mean from April next year, Russian citizens will require a visa to enter Croatia,  announced the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

Assistant Minister Andreja Metelko-Zgombic held political consultations at the Foreign Ministry in Moscow about the implementation of an agreement between the Croatian and Russian governments for mutual travel of citizens of Croatia and Russia, which was signed in March 2010 in Moscow. The agreement will enter into force on 31 March 2013. and it will introduce the classic visa regime between the two countries, bringing it in line with EU rules.

The Croatian Embassy in Moscow held a meeting with Russian travel agencies about the new law as it is estimated that around 150,000 Russians per year will apply for visas for Croatia, which is three times higher than in any other Croatian diplomatic missions and consular posts put together. If the new law will have effect on the number of Russian tourists to Croatia remains to be seen.

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