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Rucner String Quartet Fundraising Concert in Zagreb

arqA fundraising concert by the renowned Rucner String Quartet, to raise money to help provide habilitation to children with developmental disabilities and a holistic support to their families, will take place in Zagreb later this month…

The award-winning Rucner String Quartet, who have performed numerous concerts and at renowned festivals in Croatia and around the world, including Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Egypt, Poland, Germany and China, will play at the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall in Zagreb on 21 April.

All the proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to iLab association. iLab is a non-profit, non-governmental association providing habilitation of children with developmental disabilities and a holistic support to their families.

“You may purchase your tickets at the price of 30 kuna at the Lisinski ticket office, ulaznice.hr or by contacting the president of iLab association, Lina, on 091 592 0006. We invite all of Croatia Week’s readers to join us at the concert, help us acquire some necessary treatment equipment and enjoy a beautiful performance of Spring from the Four Seasons,” says iLab.

About iLab
iLab is a team of professionals working with children with developmental difficulties from different fields such as sensory integration, educational rehabilitation, psychology and physical therapy. iLab provides services for children from their infancy such as neuro-developmental treatment, pre-school and school age (e.g. sensory integration), counseling for parents, brothers and sisters (e.g. play therapy) and organises baby handling workshops for those planning a pregnancy, parents and professionals working with infants. iLab’s team members have a vast international understanding and experience, and provide all these services in both English and Croatian. iLab’s goal is to become an integral part of every family with children with developmental difficulties, to help them with treatment and to find the best support for them. Hence, all the work is very individualized and personal.

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