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Rovinj’s Batana Boat Project Nominated for UNESCO Protection


BatanaA museum dedicated to a wooden boat, which is the symbol of maritime heritage in the Istrian coastal town of Rovinj, is the latest projected nominated by the Ministry of Culture for UNESCO protection…

The Batana Eco-museum project has been nominated for UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list for 2015. The dynamic museum is not only dedicated to the traditional wooden boat known as the batana and fishing tools, but also holds various events that ensure a unique experience of combining tradition and contemporary life, past and present, and the story about an ancient wooden vessel that still remains a part of Rovinj’s everyday life.

“The museum is important in raising the awareness of the role of the batana boat as an important part of the intercultural dialogue with which Rovinj’s community networks are connected to the larger family of traditional vessels and with its related local communities on the Adriatic and Mediterranean and how it actively contributes to international initiatives protecting the maritime heritage and culture of Europe and the world” says the museum website.

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