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Room for Croatian Companies in Rich Arab Nations

Speaking at the Business Road to Qatar educational, organised by the Croatian – Qatar Association, held in Zagreb today, Nermin Botonjic from the Centre for Halal Quality Certification says that Croatian companies can complete with those from developed countries on the Arab market through quality and solidarity.

Botonjic sees the greatest opportunity for Croatian companies in the food and tourism sectors. In Croatia there are currently 47 companies who hold halal certificates, and around 2,500 manufactures, mainly food and cosmetics, who meet halal standards.

With 1.6 billion muslims in the word currently, and expected to grow to 2 billion by 2030, the potential of the market is enormous says Botonjic.

In terms of gross domestic product per capita, by far the most developed Islamic state is Qatar. Qatar has experienced a recent major construction boom and are providing huge funds to build tourist, cultural and sports facilities. Croatian companies, as was pointed out at the conference, can surely find an opportunity there, reported website Tportal.

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