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Rodin Exhibition Opens in Zagreb

rodinAn exhibition featuring the works of famous French sculptor Auguste Rodin has opened in the Croatian capital Zagreb…

‘Rodin in Meštrović’s Zagreb’, which will feature around 70 of Rodin’s works, including masterpieces such as The Thinker, The Kiss, The Gates of Hell and The Bronze Age, has opened at the Art Pavilion on Tuesday.

As well as works in bronze, plaster and stone, and some score of drawings, historical photographs will be shown, including those of the art photographer Eugène Druet, who photographed Meštrović ’s works while he was working in Paris. Composer Olja Jelaska, winner of the Vladimir Nazor Prize will compose the suite Rodin’s Meditation, to be performed at the vernissage.

As well as in Zagreb, the works of Rodin will be exhibited in the Dalmatian city of Split, where on 8 May the Meštrović Gallery will open an exhibition entitled Rodin’s Meditation in Split, at which the sculpture Meditation – The Inner Voice will be presented.

‘Rodin in Meštrović’s Zagreb’ is one of the cultural events taking place within the framework of Rendez-vous, the Festival of French Culture in Croatia in 2015. In this presentation, France is returning the visit of the successful first presentation of Croatian culture and art in the French Republic in 2012/2013, Croatie, la voici. The exhibition closes on 20 September. (art pavilion)

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