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Ring From 3rd Century Found In Eastern Croatia

Archaeologists working in the eastern Croatian town of Vinkovci have stumbled upon a ring believed to be from the 3rd century, reports RTL television.

Besides the ring, archaeologists also found around 400 kilograms worth of pottery fragments, which, according to preliminary expert evaluation, belongs to the period between the 1st to 6th century, and more than 200 separate findings of ancient metal, ceramic and stone.

‘The ring is particularly interesting because we found it in one of the layers which means whoever wore it had probably lost it. On the ring there is an outline of a rabbit or mouse nibbling on a flower, which is a symbol of luck.  Above the edge of the ring is the so calledevil eye’, which protects the person wearing the ring from accidents, “explains curator of the Municipal Museum in Vinkovci Hrvoje Vulic.


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