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Rimac shares update on €200 million Zagreb campus 

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How the Rimac Campus will look when it is complete (Photo: Rimac Group)

After more than 20 months, the €200 million Rimac Campus, currently being built on the outskirts of the Croatian capital Zagreb, is taking shape.  

On Tuesday, CEO Mate Rimac published new photos of the automotive giant’s campus and future headquarters near Sveta Nedelja, which will become one of the largest research and development centres in Europe when completed.

“Roof done, 40MW transformer staton almost completed. Phase I of Campus should be done on time until end of the year with first production lines moving in soon thereafter. Campus space is already 100% allocated (actually, we are already playing Tetris to try to squeeze in everything) so we’re already working on additional facilities of similar and larger sizes,” Rimac said. 

The new complex, in line with the brand’s emphasis on eye-catching design, forward-thinking ideas, and environmental friendliness, will showcase numerous innovative and ingenious features. 

These include an urban “swamp” and meadows, a rooftop garden, VR-rooms, a command center, and several highly confidential project rooms. Additionally, a luxurious customisation showroom and a bar will be incorporated into the new Campus.

Furthermore, the entire Campus will be enclosed by an on-site test track that has been specifically designed to incorporate a “drift corner”. What sets this location apart is that it will not be surrounded by fences, making it accessible to the public who can appreciate the space and interact with Rimac employees.

With a total investment exceeding 200 million EUR and covering a site of 200,000 square meters, the Rimac Campus project is currently one of the largest construction endeavours underway in Europe, extending beyond the automotive sector. 

Construction starts on Rimac's mega campus in Croatia

(Photo: Rimac Group)

Construction starts on Rimac's mega campus in Croatia

(Photo: Rimac Group)

The development encompasses a staggering 100,000 square meters of built-up area and is expected to be fully operational by 2024.

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