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Restaurant Review: THE PIZZA!

By: Maja. H

With much more famous pizza places in town such as Karijola and Franky’s, Luca’s has for a long time been Zagreb’s hidden pizza gem. No way one would stumble upon it in Zagreb, as it is hidden in a no-name corner of Vukovarska street, between a bank and a post-office…

While reviews so far have praised Lucas’s white pizza with prosciutto, the Calzone, filled with anchovies, cheese and red onions is my pizza experience pick of the year. Succulent inside, crunchy on the outside, it comes with a beautiful tomato salsa on the side, and fresh salad with mini tomatoes on top – which perfectly balances the extreme saltiness of the anchovies, which are definitely the star of the dish.

The way the anchovies, fresh vegetables and olive oil concoct in the mouth is magical. The fresh ingredients (tomatoes, salad) leaves the impression of being just dug out of the ground before going onto the plate, which makes a perfect contrast with grayscale palette that takes over Vukovarska street in autumn and winter, and its makes it so easy to feel that you are being teleported to a sunny tavern in Italy.

Luca'sThe interior is minimalistic in design, and their chalk boards on the wall, a concept once popular in Croatian restaurants and bars with a twist, now seem a bit sad (especially as the drawings and writings don’t look like they have changed for years). The tablecloths are always so perfectly clean and crisp as if they were just ironed, and come with beautiful embroidery of the restaurant name – Luca’s is a serious and dedicated place where you and your taste buds won’t be taken for granted and neglected – they scream, but then again, I already know it because I ATE THE PIZZA.

Location: Ulica Grada Vukovara 35a
What they serve: Pizza – classic, white, calzone & baguette and pasta
Pizza price range: 34 – 53 kunas
Website: http://www.pizzalucas.com/

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