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Restaurant Review: Mundoaka Streetfood – Zagreb

mundoaka-streetfood By: SP

Mundoaka Streetfood
Where: Petrinjska ulica 2, 10000, Zagreb
Open: Mon – Thur: 9:00 am – 12:00 am
Fri – Sat: 9:00 am – 1:00 am
Sun: Closed

Sometimes things that are too good to be true can make us suspicious. Like that “authentic” chanel bag on eBay or the “loose 10 kg in 5 days and eat what you want” advert. This is why I was suspicious when a friend told me that she ate in a restaurant basically on the main square, the food was excellent and the price was good. The thing about location is usually pretty simple. The more obvious and easier to find, the more touristy a restaurant is.

I make my reservation anyway. Reservation also seems to be necessary, as I ate on a weekday at noon and it was pretty full. The location is kind of perfect. On the top of Petrinjska street in the heart of downtown Zagreb and a really nice terrace. Heaters which look like caged fire and a really nice atmosphere. The concept is street food, menu changes with seasons.

The menu isn’t too big and shows very good variety. A weekly menu with starter, main course, dessert and a glass of wine is offered for 100 kuna (13 euros). I order the salmon on jasmine rice with coulis of parsley, a yellow carrot cream and some beets. I see a sandwich arriving at the next table and it is the biggest richest sandwich I’ve seen. Food envy. I like it when you see other people’s food coming and immediately doubt your order and consider changing it. All the plates look yummy.

Salmon on jasmine rice with coulis of parsley, a yellow carrot cream and beets.

Salmon on jasmine rice with coulis of parsley, a yellow carrot cream and beets.

My food arrives and it is beautifully presented colorful, but also not too fancy or overdesigned. You can see all your ingredients and all of them match together and enhance each other. My friend ordered swordfish on a salad of baby mangold, asparagus and carrots. I love both dishes. Not heavy, tasty and fresh.

swordfish on a salad of baby mangold, asparagus and carrots

swordfish on a salad of baby mangold, asparagus and carrots

Now for the downside. The waitress is too busy. She is busy telling people not to sit down without a reservation, busy explaining that this is not a café and she can’t give up a table for someone to just have a coffee, busy taking orders, describing dishes and bringing orders. In the end she is so busy that we gave up on ordering dessert.

The location, food and atmosphere are lovely, well priced and a making for the perfect lunch in town. Service is at best average. The food makes up for it.

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