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Rent to be paid for people whose homes damaged in Zagreb earthquake

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ZAGREB, May 14 (Hina) – The government decided on Thursday to finance rent for those people whose property was damaged in the 22 March quake in Zagreb and its environs and Krapina-Zagorje and Zagreb counties, defining a maximum amount of HRK 70 per square metre of the rented space.

Owners of family homes, apartments and protected renters whose property has been declared unfit for occupancy, will have the cost of rent subsidised.

Rent will be paid to owners who do not have any other accommodation within 20 kilometres of the damaged property. The absolute amount is restricted by the size of the rental per each member of the family and price per square metre.

Rent will be covered to a maximum amount of HRK 70 per square metre.

“That means that a single household renting an apartment will receive a maximum of HRK 2,450 a month which covers the cost of a 35 square metre flat for a price of HRK 70 per square metres while a family of four will receive HRK 4,550 a month which can cover the cost of a 65 square metre flat at a price of HRK 70 per square metres,” State Assets Minister Mario Banozic explained.

By 11 May a total of 19,459 buildings had been inspected and 1,112 have been categorised as not fit for use due to the damage caused by the 22 March quake.

The government estimates that the average cost of rent will amount to HRK 3,500 while the funds needed to implement this measure amount to HRK 52.5 million and will cover the period until 1 September 2021.

As these are acceptable costs, the government will apply to the EU solidarity fund to cover the costs of this subsidy.

Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic said on Thursday that city authorities had sent a last set of suggestions to the draft bill on the reconstruction of Zagreb and until its adoption by the new government, the city would secure accommodation for citizens currently staying in the student dormitory.

“Considering announcements that that bill will not be adopted by this parliament, we sent a last set of objections and suggestions to the draft bill on the (post-quake) reconstruction of Zagreb,” Bandic told a press conference.

According to yesterday’s announcements the bill was to have been put up for public consultation this afternoon, however, this was postponed because new objections were lodged by city authorities.

Without specifying what the new objections were, Bandic said that the proposed bill resolves some of the issues and announced that it would be adopted by the new government.

He announced that until the bill is adopted the City of Zagreb would secure accommodation for all those who have been left without a roof over their heads.

“All 500 people in the Cvjetno (student dormitory) can be assured they will not end up in the street,” said Bandic.

(€1 = HRK 7.55)

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