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Rent A Local launches in Croatia to help expats with daily problems

A new platform helping people out with daily problems has launched in Croatia

A young and ambitious company has launched a platform aiming to take the stress out of daily life in Croatia.  

Primarily aimed at the ever-increasing number of foreigners in Croatia, but available to everybody, Rent A Local is a new platform that brings together local experts whom other people can ‘rent’ to help them with their problems.

“Whether you need help organising a trip to Dubrovnik, navigating the labyrinth of Croatia’s bureaucracy, finding an apartment or a good location for the shooting of a commercial, searching for a reliable lawyer, mechanic or translator, or you have to sell an old car, but don’t know where and how. Rent A Local can help with all of these problems and many more,” the company says.

The head and founder of Rent A Local is Anđela Prnjak, a movie producer with a lot of practical experience in doing the possible and borderline impossible on various movie-sets. The work on movie-sets left her with nerves of steel, and strong connections to everywhere and everyone. 

“We are aware of the beauty and potential that Croatia has to offer, and we’re glad that foreigners have become increasingly aware of that potential in recent years. What those same foreigners aren’t aware of, but we sadly are, are the difficulties of life in Croatia, most prominently, but not limited to, the slow and ineffective, seemingly never-ending bureaucracy. Some things can be a real hassle for locals, let alone unsuspecting foreign citizens. So I thought, why not help them?,” Anđela says. 

Founder Anđela Prnjak

Rent A Local is made up of a group of experts from various fields, with experience working with foreign citizens. It is a company founded specifically with the needs of foreigners in Croatia in mind, whether they are just passing by or living permanently in Croatia. 

“Naturally, our services are not only for foreigners – they are readily available for whoever is in need of them. Enjoy the best parts of Croatia – Let us handle the stressful ones,” they conclude. 


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