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Record Salary in Croatia Last Year – 5.5 million

The record salary in Croatia last year was 5,511,438 kuna (735,000 euros), according to information from the Central Tax Office. The man’s details, occupation and employer have been kept private, with only the fact that he comes from the nations capital Zagreb revealed.

The just over five and a half million salary was the man’s pre-tax income, with tax calculations factored in he took home around 3.7 million kuna net in 2011, earning in just three hours the average monthly salary in Croatia, reports newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija.

The salary sets a new record for the largest ever income as an employee. Daily the man earned 21,870 kuna (3,000 euros).

According to data, on the list of the 20 largest salaries in Croatia, which range from 5.5 million kuna (735,000 euros) to 2.6 million (350,000 euros), 17 out of the 20 positions were held by citizens of the Zagreb Regional Office of the Tax Administration.

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