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Record March Temperatures in Split, Hvar & Dubrovnik

It has been a warm start to spring for much of Croatia. The new season has just started but records have already fallen across the country.

On Thursday temperatures hit 26.8°C in Dubrovnik, which is a new record high for the month of March since records began, Met site Crometeo said.


The previous record temperature in March in Dubrovnik was 23°C, recorded in 1977.

There were also new record highs set in the coastal city of Split with 24.3°C recorded yesterday. This was 1.1°C warmer than the previous record set in 1977.


On the Dalmatian island of Hvar a new record high for March of 24.5°C was set. This was 0.5°C more than the previous record of 24.0°C set in March 2012.

Interestingly, this week’s record high in Dubrovnik also passed April’s record, which was 26.3°C recorded in 2000.

Earlier in the week there were new record temperatures in March set in Rijeka on the northern Adriatic, in Ploče and in Senj.

Hvar (photo credit: croatia.hr)

A warm weekend is forecast for much of the country also, with 24°C forecast for the capital Zagreb.

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