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Record April Temperatures in Croatia

Been a record start to Spring (photo credit: Sail Week Croatia)

Been a record start to Spring (photo credit: Sail Week Croatia)

The first 17 days of April have been warm in Croatia, with above average temperatures setting a number of new records…

According to meteorologist Zoran Vakula, the extended period of warm weather, which began in late March and is still ongoing in most parts of Croatia, has never been recorded before – at least in the known history of measurements.

In the eastern city of Osijek, where meteorological measurements have been recorded since 1899, the average high between 28 March – 17 April was 22.0 °C – which is more aligned to the average high at the end of May. Yesterday temperatures reached 29.5 °C in Osijek, the warmest in April since 6 April 1941 and 1968.

The capital Zagreb also recorded a record high average in the same period (28 March – 17 April) of 20.9 °C. That was the highest daily average in April since 1881.

In Split the last 3 weeks have also produced records. The average daily high in that period was 20.3 °C – the warmest since measurements started. Hopefully this is all a good sign for a nice long, hot summer.

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