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Record Advent in Osijek 

Advent in Osijek was a huge success this year (Photo: Promo)

OSIJEK, 25 December 2019 – The streets of the old town in the eastern Croatian city of Osijek, Tvrđa, have been brought to life in December with special scents, flavours, colours and events. 

For 25 days, the baroque old town became home to Advent in Osijek. The city is widely known for its hospitality and sense of community, and this year the best Advent to date was organised with records set. 

Advent in Osijek (Photo: Promo)

“We started with the story that love is the gift we want to get for Advent. This is exactly how this year’s Advent concept came about. Love is felt as people walk through Tvrđa, the love of Osijek towards their city is felt. The emotion of the locals towards the city has overflowed with all visitors as well, and the Christmas Spell is truly felt in the air,” said Kristijan Majic, director of the Osijek Culture Centre said. 

Wonderful Christmas decorations, products from local artisans and family farms, delicious snacks with mulled wine and teas, winter domes, performances by numerous musicians, and the Passage of 1000 Wishes were just a small part of the rich Advent programme. There was also plenty of fun for the kids organised. 

“The largest dome was dedicated to children. Every day we had activities specifically for children, there were children’s cinema, theatre, various performances and workshops. Everyone could come to this Advent and in one place find something for themselves,” Majic added. 

Advent is the final tourist highlight of the year in the city and concludes the most successful tourist year so far in Osijek.

(Photo: Promo)

“In the first 11 months of this year, we recorded 123,000 overnight stays, which is 17% more than last year. I can say that have a steady increase in the number of nights. Advent in Osijek is growing year by year. The amount of content and the interest for this kind of event is growing and I hope that it will become a widely known Osijek tourist product,” said Sasa Uranjek, director of the Osijek Tourist Board.

(Photo: Promo)

An important part of the Advent programme in Osijek was the Ice Fairy Tale at the city ice rink near Sokol, the well-known Christmas tram, as well as several other events on the main city square. Advent in Osijek concluded on Christmas Eve, N1 writes. 

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