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Recipe: Juha od Kestena (Chestnut Soup) by Little Chef + Little Market

Juha od Kestena – Chestnut Soup (Photo: Little Chef)

There are many favourites in Little Market’s baskets full of autumn smells, tastes, and colours, but chestnuts are definitely on top of the list.

We like it best simply roasted or as chestnut purée, so this week we hoped for dessert, but Little Chef decided to show us all the chestnut texture velvety grandeur, specific aroma and delicate balance of tastes – with a soup.

No gluten, high energy value, rich in folic acid and the only nut offering vitamin C. And if you also take into consideration that, due to ingredients, chestnuts are able to improve the mood, maybe you have found both culinary challenge and the finest tool to fight off autumn-winter depressions.


It is really difficult to resist their smell on city streets. Roasted or cooked, it always makes us feel comfortable and warm. We like to sit under its canopy and listen, silently, as fruit hit the ground. With the special smell and mildly sweet taste, it found the place on our table. Surely you know what is it that we write about.

During autumn days, when chestnut trees selflessly share their fruits and familiar street vendors return to their usual spots to lure us with the chestnut smell and sounds of beautiful autumn nuts cracking over the fire, it would be a pity not to play with them in our own kitchens.

We are used to chestnuts in sponge cake rolls, cake and famous chestnut purée, this time we have decided to present its advantages in warm, thick soup that nicely combines earthly tastes and natural sweetness of ingredients. We are certain it will become your favourite during cold days to come.

There is an incredibly delicate balance of tastes in this fine version of our autumn-winter favourite!

It is really easy to love chestnut soup. It is very simple to prepare and in just a few steps you will get rich and elegant soup with lovely velvety texture. A Smaller portion is the perfect choice for an appetizer and served with some crunchy bread and bowl of salad it will be enough for lunch or dinner.

There are so many reasons to love chestnuts. Besides being very delicious, they are different from other nuts because while being low in protein and fats, they are very rich in complex carbohydrates.

Surprisingly, they are also the source of vitamin C and rich in folates. And that’s very interesting because high levels of folates are related to lower levels of depressions and negative moods.



400 g roasted and peeled chestnuts (OPG Sokić)
1600 ml vegetable bullion
4 tablespoons olive oil (OPG Džaja)
some grated nutmeg
2 small leeks (OPG Silvija Miklec)
4 celery stalks (OPG Silvija Miklec)
salt and pepper
double cream ( a tablespoon per serving)
small fistful chopped parsley for serving


1. Roast chestnuts first. I did it on fire, but if you don’t have that option do it in the oven. You start by making a cross-shaped cut in each. After that put all in a pot filled with water and boil. Drain the water, put in a roasting pot and roast at 220 degrees Celsius for 20 to 25 minutes. Wrap in kitchen towel when done and leave it for few minutes.

2. Stew chopped leeks and celery on 4 tablespoons of olive oil for about 5 minutes. Add roughly chopped chestnuts, fry for a minute, add bouillon, nutmeg, salt, and pepper. Boil, reduce heat and cook for half an hour.

3. Cool it a bit and then blend in a smoothie maker or use an immersion blender.

4. Serve in bowls with some sour cream and chopped parsley on top, adding some chopped chestnuts.

Recipes, styling & photo: Little Chef
Ingredients: Little Market

Little Chef spins the cooking spoon and new recipes are there – next creation from our little kitchen is coming soon.

Enjoy your meal!

Little Chef and Little Market wish you happy taste buds.

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