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Receiving my dream smile in Zagreb: Why I recommend getting your teeth done in Croatia

By: Angela Madjer, a Chicago gal living in Zagreb

Croatia is not only an affordable and attractive vacation destination when it comes to its beautiful beaches, stunning seaside and pristine weather, but it has added a new dimension to vacationing.

The dental industry in Croatia is booming and offers quality care along with excellent customer service. After experiencing dental services in the United States and Croatia, I can confirm that you truly do receive top-of-the-line dental care in Croatia! Here is my experience of the Croatian dental industry and why I prefer getting my teeth done in Croatia versus the United States.

Conquering my fear of going to the dentist’s and taking my first step towards a healthier smile in Zagreb 

Growing up in the United States, the thought of going to the dentist only reminded me of the dreadful pain and agony that I had to go through to maintain a healthy smile, which resulted in having an overall bad experience. After 5 years of living in Zagreb, Croatia, I realized it might be time to overcome my fear and give going to the dentist’s in Zagreb a try. After hearing great things from various people, I made my first appointment at B.Dent Dental Clinic in Zagreb

From the moment I walked through the door at B.Dent Dental Clinic, I received a warm welcome. Just that alone made all the difference.  Knowing that I’ve had poor experiences in the past, the dentists at B.dent comforted me the entire time I was in their hands. Every moment was painless and sometimes even quite relaxing, which meant a great deal to me. Then I realized because of the quality service and overall positive atmosphere at B.dent, my fear of a visit to the dentist’s office had simply gone away! Since deciding to take the first steps towards a healthier smile exactly a year ago, I have had my teeth cleaned twice, whitened and removed my old and broken veneers that caused pain and discoloration.

While in Croatia… make your visit efficient by fixing up your pearly whites

Many have decided, due to the noticeably lower costs for dental services in Croatia, to enjoy a relaxing vacation while fixing up their pearly whites. Due to the high costs that are set in the U.S dental industry, it can be easily argued that the price doesn’t match the quality or value of the services you receive. Whereas many that come and spend their time in Croatia during their vacation, can take advantage of enjoying their time off but also being productive and getting their teeth done at a much lower cost.

While talking to my dentist and learning a bit more about medical tourism, I realized that it’s not just about creating a new smile, but also about the complete set of services tailored especially for the individual visiting: airport transfers, accommodations, a thorough personalized dental plan and any other inquiries that a patient has during his/her visit. This customized travel plan allows you to optimize your time in Croatia while also getting a new, beautiful and healthy smile. 

I can’t even describe how life-changing it was for me to fix my teeth and be able to confidently smile for a reasonable price. Now, I just wish I hadn’t waited so long. I am truly thankful that I’ve found such a wonderful dental clinic that has absolutely transformed my smile and helped me overcome my fear of visiting the dentist. So, I guess it was worth the wait.


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