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Radical Law to Protect Croatian Language Mooted

CroatiaOne of the oldest cultural institutions in Croatia wants parliament to introduce a new law, which will regulate the use of the Croatian language in public places in Croatia…

Matica Hrvatska, which was formed back in 1842 and organises cultural events, symposia, round-table discussions and is the largest publisher of Croatian language books, is demanding a radical new law which will force the Croatian language to be spoken in public places.

“All the attacks and attempts to eradicate the Croatian language in the past have always been attempts for the denationalization and the disintegration of the Croatian people”, said a statement on the historical Croatian cultural centre’s website, adding “that in the process of globalization it is important to protect national distinctiveness.”

Matica Hrvatska, in reaction to Cyrillic signs being put up in Vukovar recently, want the law to state that the Croatian language will be the only official language in all public institutes and schools. Matica Hrvatska is suggesting that those who breach the law, namely those who do not communicate in the Croatian language in public offices and institutions, face penalties. Fines ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 kuna (cca 700-1500 euros) for individuals, and between 50,000 and 100,000 kuna (cca 7,00o – 15000 euros) for legal entities have been suggested.

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