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Queen Of England Pumps Cash In For Croatian Cave Research

A Croatian cave, where archaeologists recently discovered valuable pieces of pottery that were over 17,500 years old, has caught the attention of the Queen of England, who has for years pumped money in for its research.

Vela Spila, a cave situated approximately 130 metres above Pinski Rat in the town of Vela Luka on the island of Korcula in Croatia, is one of the most important archaeological sites in the Mediterranean, and in the world and caught the attention of history fanatic Queen Elizabeth.

The Queen has financially supported researchers from Cambridge University who are involved in research of the Vela Luka area on the Dalmatian island.

Archaeologists from Cambridge University discovered valuable pieces of pottery that were over 17,500 years old, with their discovery being reported by the New York Times and The Mirror. Vela Spila, which means “Big Cave” in Croatian, consists of an elliptically shaped cavern that measures 40 metres in length, 17 metres in height, and is approximately 40 metres wide. There are two openings in the roof of the cave which were caused by collapse. The time frames of these two collapses are still undetermined.

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