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Qatar Airways cancels almost 70% flights to Zagreb Airport

Qatar Airways

ZAGREB, 28 August 2020 – Most airlines around the world are going through a turbulent period, and Qatar Airways is no exception.

The airline resumed its Doha – Zagreb service in the middle of August, but instead of 9 flights, the airline operated only 3 flights on this route this month, Croatian Aviation reports. 

Qatar Airways firstly resumed operations to Zagreb on July 1st with 3 weekly flights (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). From 14 scheduled flights in July, Qatar Airways operated only 4 of them, all other flights were canceled. The then resumed this route and scheduled service resumption for August.

Qatar Airways landed in Zagreb on August 12th, with planned 9 flights on this route during this month. The airline operated just 3 flights, on August 12th, 17th, and 26th, while the other 6 flights were cancelled, including the flight scheduled for August 31st.

“The biggest issue for this airline is low demand. Qatar Airways is using the smallest aircraft from its fleet, the A320 aircraft, which has only 132 seats in the passenger cabin. It is obvious that the airline couldn’t sell enough seats on those flights to keep them active. The fact that Qatar Airways canceled almost 70% of scheduled flights on Doha – Zagreb route during July and August is not something that would attract passengers to buy tickets on those flights at the moment,” Croatian Aviation said. 

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