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Push From Australian Fans for Vegeta Flavoured Potato Crisps

Vegeta-flavoured crisps – why not? (image: Tamburasm.com / Facebook)

Fans downunder in Australia of the popular Croatian spice Vegeta are pressuring a leading crisps manufacturer to bring out a ‘Vegeta’ flavoured range.

The Smith’s Snackfood Company, which is a British-Australian company best known for its potato crisps, have been receiving requests this week from fans urging them to being out a novelty pack of ‘Vegeta’ potato crisps.

The idea started in good humour when the Facebook page Tamburasm.com in Australia posted a mock packet of ‘Vegeta’ crisps asking its followers if they had ever tried them.

The reaction was overwhelmingly positive from fans.

‘They would taste so good!’

‘If they can do stupid Vegemite one they can do this’

‘Yum! OMG!’

‘Our kids are pretty much Vegeta addicts, may as well!’

Were just a handful of the comments.

Contact was then made with Smith’s and Vegeta Australia, who handle the distribution downunder, with fans tagging the two companies in comments.

“Smith’s Chips meet Vegeta Australia. You don’t know each other yet, but when the birds meet the bees on this one, something magical will happen.”

It is common for potato crisps manufacturers to bring out novelty flavours. Smith’s themselves released ‘Vegemite’ and ‘Gravy’ flavoured crisps in the past and when they asked consumers what flavours they would like to see come back it was another chance for Vegeta fans to pile on the pressure on social media.

Will consumer power win? Time will tell.

Vegeta, produced by Croatian company Podravka, has been sold in Australia now for a number of years and it is popular not only with the Croatian community there, but also with Australians and other nationalities residing there.

Croatia recently have dabbled in bringing out novelty flavours recently. Last summer pršut and kulen flavoured potato crisps made an appearance on the shelves.

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