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Pučišća on the island of Brač the place to be for talented young Croatian and international musicians

Trombonists Dorian Hercigonja, Filip Mandušić, Filip Petraš and Mislav Lipovčić with with Brasschut brass music from Pučišća

Pučišća, a small town on the island of Brač, known for its quarry and excellent stone, this summer is celebrating 25 years since the Pučišća International Music Summer School was established. 

This summer, in Pučišća and Bol on Brač, young musicians from Croatia and abroad have come to enhance their music skills in a beautiful setting, pleasant company, and stimulative environment. 

Professors from Croatia and abroad held about thirty workshops, as well as concerts and cultural events. for young, talented, and ambitious participants from all over Croatia, but also from Lithuania, Sweden, Switzerland, France, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dominika Svendova (Czech Republic), Zeljana Jeric (Croatia), Lea Moser (Switzerland), Hedvika Svendova (Czech Republic)

The usual sounds of carving stone that resonate in winter have been replaced by the sounds of piano, guitar, violin, flute, cello, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, accordion, double bass, and singing.

In addition to daily individual work with the professors, class concerts and final concerts were held. Part of the concerts took place in the concert hall with the recommended epidemiological measures and some musicians played concerts on the beach, waterfront, street, squares, and olive groves. 

Jazz singers in Bol with Maja Savić and Bol Cultural Centre manager Ivana Bošković Ivičić

Jazz workshops are currently underway in Bol on Brač, which in cooperation with the Bol Cultural Centre, is a special treat for musicians eager to play with some of our best jazz musicians in the form of a jam session.

Participants of the guitar seminar, prof. Anders Miolina (Sweden), Hedvika and Dominika Švendova (Czech Republic), Lea Moser (Switzerland), Željana Jeric and Matija Ruk (Croatia) 

After the final Jazz concert, another group of musicians is expected, after which the summer project will end. In addition to improving musical skills, this summer a number of young, talented musicians had the chance to exchange experiences and prepare concerts.

Participants of the guitar seminar, prof Damir Hamidullin (SLO)

In these 25 years, professors and students from Croatia and all continents have visited the Pučišća International Music Summer School. For many, this summer school has been a ticket to prestigious universities and helped in their music careers. Numerous participants today are recognised and famous musicians, and it was they are postcards of the place, so thanks to them, Pučišća became known as a music stage, around the world.


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