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Property Prices in Croatia Rise

Property prices rise

Property prices are on the rise in Croatia, according to the latest data from October, reports 24sata.hr.

Whilst property prices are up on average across the county by 2% from last year, they are still 1.75% down from 2011.

According to portal Njuskalo, interest in buying and selling is also up, with 7% more searches last month compared to October last year. There were 162,000 properties listed on the popular site last month, with asking prices up 2% from last year.

When looking at locations around the country, Dubrovnik continues to be the most expensive. Since 2011, house prices have risen by 9%, with the average price per square metre today 4,382 euros.


The average price per square metre for apartments in Dubrovnik is 3,097 euros.

Apartments in Dubrovnik, Split, and Zadar are all more expensive per square metre than in the capital Zagreb currently.

The price of apartments in Zagreb have risen 9% in the last year, with the current average square metre price 1,762 euros.

Zagreb (Photo credit: Marko Vrdoljak / Zagreb Tourist Board)

House prices in the capital have fallen however over the past 6 years by 19%. The average square metre house price in Zagreb is now 1,270 euros, down from 1,560 euros in 2011.

In Rijeka average square metre prices on houses are down 10% from 1,484 euros to 1,328 euros.


In Varazdin the average square metre price for a house is 789 euros, and 1,139 euros for apartments.


Elsewhere in the country, in Slavonski Brod, today the average asking price per square metre for apartments is 804 euros, with houses 636 euros per square metre.

Whilst property prices across Croatia on average are up, they have dropped in a number of counties over the past year, particularly in the east. In the Brod-Posavina County prices had dropped 6%, whilst in the Osijek-Baranja County, they were down around 5%.

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