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Priest: Donations Under 50 Kuna Is Offensive, You Buy iPhones But Only Give 20 Kuna Donations

Church goers in the small northern Croatian town of Sveti Juraj na Bregu were up arms on Sunday after a local priest gave a warning during mass to those who give less than 50 kuna (6.50 euros) during donation time at mass.

The priest told church goers that it was an embarrassment that they could buy their kids the latest iPhones but only give 20 kuna (2.50 euro) during the sunday mass whip round.

“I mentioned (at church) that I made a list of those who gave less than 50 kuna, maybe it is time I was honest to myself, if they do not need me, then they shouldn’t even open the door for me,” said the priest to portal eMedimurje.

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