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Priceless Ancient Books Part of Disgraced Politicans Collection

CroatiaOne of the oldest books ever to be printed in Europe, and said to be priceless, was found in the collection of arrested Croatian politician Nadan Vidošević…

Daily 24sata reports that a series of incunables, the name given to books printed between 1455 and 1500, were found in the safe of the disgraced former Croatian Chamber of Commerce Chairmen. Vidošević was arrested this month for suspicion of embezzling more than 3 million euro from the chamber. Among possessions found at his villa was an art and stuffed animal collection worth more than 5 million euros.

As of 2008, there were believed to be between 28,000 and 30,000 distinct incunable editions known to be extant, while the number of surviving copies in Germany alone is estimated at around 125,000. Croatia is the only country which has incunables printed in latin and  Glagolitic alphabet. Experts say that you can not put a monetary value on an incunable and beleive Vidošević obtained them on the black market.

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