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Postman Dumps Post in Mine Field and Down Drains

Hundreds of bills will remain unpaid in the towns of Sinj and Sisak in Croatia after piles of mail was found dumped in mine fields and down drains, reports Croatian daily newspaper 24sata.

“I am shocked. A heap of bills have been thrown in the drain by the industrial zone Kukuzovac. Mainly they are phone bills from T-Com and T-Mobile and bank statements,” said a concerned citizen, adding that locals had been previously complaining that bills had not been arriving on time. They fear now that they have accumulated penalties and even worse had their accounts blocked.

“I pay my bills on time, last month my mobile phone bill never arrived so I called T-Mobile and they said I was not the only one who complained of that problem and for me to go into the shop and pay it,” said another affected resident.

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