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Popular Dalmatian Game Balota Gets Table Version



There are a number of table versions of popular sports knocking about, like table tennis and table football for example. Now a popular game played largely on the Dalmatian coast has just got a table version…

Split local Joško Kalilić has invented and patented table balota.

Balota, which is also popular in countries like Italy, France and Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a version of bowls, bocce or pétanque. The objective is similar, the heavy balls are thrown with the aim to get as close to the market ball as possible. Balota rinks can be found all over Dalmatia, and in other parts of Croatia also, and now for the first time there is a table version.

Table balota (screenshot hrt)

Table balota (screenshot hrt)

Kalilić, who was surprised that he was the first to think about the game, says that the rules are exactly the same as traditional outdoor balota only the game can be played regardless of the weather. The carpet obviously plays differently than the gravel which is used on outdoor rinks, but Kalilić says the enjoyment is exactly the same.

Next step for Kalilić is to get his idea protected internationally.

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