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PM Congratulates Citizens Ahead Of Croatian Statehood Day

Croatia’s Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic has thanked all those who fought for Croatia’s independence 22-years-ago ahead of Tuesday’s (25 June) Statehood Day holiday.

Milanovic thanked all those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defending their country. “With special reverence, we thank all the defenders and their families who made the greatest sacrifice in the defence of the country, the establishment of peace, and the reconstruction of demolished homes,” said Milanovic on Sunday.

“Twenty two years after the Constitutional Decision on the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Croatia and the Declaration proclaiming the sovereign and independent Republic of Croatia, we are about to make another wish come true – full membership of the European Union,” said Milanovic, adding that by joining the European family Croatia would find the strength, know-how and determination to achieve economic recovery and further development of independent Croatia.

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