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Playboy Priest Faces 10 Years Jail After Being Indicted in Croatia

sime_nimacA ‘playboy’ Croatian priest faces a maximum of 10 years in jail after the District Attorney’s Office in Split filed an indictment on Wednesday against him for running off with around a 1 million EUR from an illegal property deal. 

Franciscan priest Sime Nimac (34) made headlines around the world last October when he was accused of signing a deal to sell a plot of church land with a local firm whilst he was the parish priest of the small town of Baska Voda on the Adriatic coast . Nimac was accused then of withdrawing almost one million euros in cash from the parish account, and doing a ‘runner’ with a local married women. The church described him as an “insatiable individual” and was known in local circles as “a good-looking womanizer”. Nimac’s ‘accomplice’, banker Jasmine Bilonić, has also been charged.

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