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Play Pac-Man Through the Streets of Zagreb or Split

pacmanIf you are one of the millions out there who are lovers of the monster game Pac-Man, and perhaps wondered what it would be like playing through some familiar streets, then Google’s latest innovation is right up your alley…

Google has built a fully playable game of Pac-Man into Google Maps, so you can play through the streets of Zagreb, Split or Rijeka. To play the game is very simply, all you need to do is go to Google Maps in a browser on your computer, or on the updated iOS and Android Google Maps apps, and find a location near you with a good amount of streets and click on the Pac-Man icon at the bottom of the screen.

The streets in the area will then transform into Pac-Man. The controls are also basic: just tap on the up, down, left and right arrows to move Pac-Man around while you collect dots and cherries, all while avoiding being killed by ghosts.

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