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[PHOTOS] Test Run at New Zagreb International Airport


Zagreb’s new terminal to open soon (photo credit: Petar Mežnarek/Zagreb Airport)

Croatia Airlines and Zagreb Airport (MZLZ) are currently in the process of testing the new passenger terminal in the Croatian capital.

The brand new Franjo Tuđman International Airport is set to open to the public in just over eight weeks in March 2017.

This week Croatia Airlines and Zagreb Airport were conducting testing, including parking an Airbus 320 and boarding passengers on planes.

Tests at Zagreb Airport (photo credit: Antun Paulin Tony/Croatia Airlines)

The purpose of the testing is to examine operations at the new terminal and check compliance with regulated safety standards and standards of operational efficiency between the national carrier, Croatia Airlines and Zagreb International Airport.

Over 50 professionals, including cabin crew and ground staff of Croatia Airlines, Zagreb Airport’s security management and operational ground staff have taken part in the testing.

(photo credit: Antun Paulin Tony/Croatia Airlines)

The tests are simulations of actual operating conditions in both day and night time.

Testing will continue until the airport finally opens for passengers.

The new terminal, worth 313 million euros, spans 65,000 square meters on four levels, with the first two levels to be used for arrivals and the other two for departures.

(photo: Zagreb Airport)

The new building in the first phase will be able to accommodate 5 million passengers. The capacity will increase to 8 million passengers with demand. The new airport will also feature 30 check-in counters with three lanes for baggage, and 8 passenger boarding bridges for direct entry and exit to the aircraft.

(photo credit: Petar Mežnarek / Zagreb Airport)

French-led Zagreb Airport International Company (ZAIC), won a 30-year concession to manage and operate Zagreb International Airport.

Check out more photos of the testing here.

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